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Thanksgiving – Looking Beyond The Festivity

In a fast-paced world filled with challenges and distractions, cultivating an attitude of gratitude through thanksgiving is crucial in our daily lives, especially for believers. Thanksgiving is not a seasonal ritual, it should be a consistent practice that enriches our spiritual journey and deepens our connection with God. Giving thanks is a powerful reminder of God’s abundant blessings. When we pause to reflect on the goodness in our lives, we acknowledge God’s providence and grace. Scripture encourages us to “Give…

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David Livingstone – A True Servant Of Christ

David Livingstone, a renowned Christian missionary, dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel and alleviating suffering in Africa during the 19th century. His story continues to inspire us today, serving as a shining example of unwavering faith, determination, and selfless service. Livingstone's missionary work in Africa was characterized by his deep commitment to both spiritual and humanitarian causes. He believed that his Christian faith compelled him to bring the light of the Gospel to the African people, while simultaneously working…

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